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Cold Press Juicer Machine with Big Wide 82mm Chute, BPA-Free

Cold Press Juicer Machine with Big Wide 82mm Chute, BPA-Free

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AIRMSEN KS-1507 Vertical Cold Press Juicer Machines

Simplify the Way You Make Juicer

If you're making a glass of fresh juice for breakfast every day, you're probably going to spend a lot of time rinsing, scrubbing, and brushing all of your juicer's many parts. Not so much with the AIRMSEN KS-1507. It eschews screens in favor of a special grooved filter that can be rinsed clean in just a few seconds, and 0.1mm toothed grinding structure effectively removes pulp, achieving high-purity extraction. Additionally, the "red dot locking assembly system", 3.22-inch wide feed chute, one-touch operation, and anti-drip design offer the ultimate convenience in juicing experience, ideal for beginners.

  • 【Save Your Prep Time】Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing fruits and vegetables with our 3.22" large dual-feed rotary chute. It can easily accepts larger pieces of fruits and vegetables without cutting, while the smaller chute is perfect for elongated ingredients like long vegetables. Juice more and save time.

  • 【Efficient Filtration Design】AIRMSEN vertical juicer features a unique meshless filter. Its 0.1mm toothed grinding structure effectively reduces blockages and perfectly separate the pomace from the juice, resulting in a juice purity of up to 99%. Less pulp and a smooth taste.

  • 【Slow Cold Press Tech】The slow juicer rotates at only 60 RPM, minimizing heat build-up and oxidation, preserve the natural state of the juice. 7-stage spiral auger mimics the motion of hand squeezing juice, and increasing juice yield by over 60%. Enjoy the benefits of high quality, long-lasting freshness from slow extraction.

  • 【Easy to Assemble & Clean】With the red dot locking system, assembly takes only a few seconds, making it ideal for beginners and elderly. Revolutionary meshless filter ensures a scrub-free cleaning experience with no clogged up pulp. All of the juicer's plastic parts are dishwasher safe.

  • 【User-Friendly Design】Our juicer features an anti-drip cap at the end of the spout, which helps to maintain kitchen cleanliness and minimize oxidation during juicing. Additionally, the reverse button can clear obstacles during juicing, preventing the juicer from clogging and ensuring uninterrupted juicing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
Angie Bello
Ideal for beginners in juicing.

One standout feature of this juicer is the range of accessories it comes with.

Taryn Hoff
Slightly underwhelming.

In terms of yield, I've been quite satisfied.

Mark Philbrick
Simple to clean.

I prefer the cold press juicer type over the spinning centrifugal ones, primarily because it retains more nutrients and produces juice that's cooler and less foamy.

Barbara Johnson
High-quality juicing experience!

Appreciated was its compact design, which takes up significantly less counter space compared to the bulkier horizontal juicers.

petra deluca
Whole family benefits from its use.

My only challenge was aligning the lock and unlock functions initially, which was frustrating until I figured it out.